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Send and receive fax messages like regular Microsoft Outlook letters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (for more FAQ click here)
1. How do I send Microsoft Word document as a fax message?
To send a fax from Microsoft Word - save your Word document, print to Fax4Office printer or click the "Fax" button on the Main menu toolbar, select "New" and follow the Fax wizard procedures.
From Microsoft Outlook - click the "Fax" button on the Menu toolbar, select "New" and follow the wizard instructions. Browse files and add Word documents into Attachment box in the Cover Page window.

2. I was able to download the software, but was unable to send a fax. I am on a T1 line and am sending to a fax. Is this a problem?
Fax4Office doesn't require an Internet connection. Just plug your telephone cord to a PC, like you would do for Dialup connection. You will be able to send and receive Fax messages using your regular phone line. If you plan to use phone line then a Fax/Modem Card are required. You also can use Fax4Office for Internet faxing. For more information about internet faxing click here.

3. Can I send a fax to a distribution list? Or is there a way to send a fax to a group of people without clicking on each party?
The current version of Fax4Office does not support a distribution list, but you able to send faxes to multiple recipients.

4. Would it be possible to open faxes received with Windows 98/Outlook 98?
Yes, you will be able to open fax messages received with Windows 98/Outlook 98.

5. I use an ADSL modem to access the internet. Can I send a fax?
Yes you can, if you have a Fax/Modem card installed on your computer as well, and it is connected to your ADSL Modem through a filter that allows using your telephone on the ADSL line. You will be able to send/receive faxes and stay online. With Fax4Office you will be able to send fax messages with or without a phone line.

6. I use Dialup Internet connection. May I send a fax while online?
Yes, you can use faxing over Internet feature or if you want to use your fax modem you should end your online session without disconnecting phone line from your computer.

7. Can I receive faxes if I do not have a fax modem? I use a cable modem to access the internet.
Fax/Modem Card and connection to a phone line are required to use Fax4Office. Internet connection is not necessary.

8. After uninstalling the program, I am still having a Fax drop- down menu in Word 2002. How do I remove it ?
Right click the "Fax" button on the Word Menu toolbar and choose Customize. In the Toolbars tab, put a check mark next to Standard and Menu Bar. Click Reset. Click OK in MS Outlook pop up window.

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